Music to Remember

Music to Remember

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I'm CinnderElla By ImCinnderElla Updated Oct 29, 2019

Skyler Sean Ashemilton the Famous Guitarist/Vocalist and the leader of the famous Band of Sky Of Diana Shirina. Well know as Perfection hindi lang naman kasi nag-iisang anak ng Famous Ashemilton Family, he is also the Perfect Genius, dahil nga walang makakatalo sakaniya kahit isa.

But not really as perfect as his young age. He's really perfect since birth but also feared by everyone when he was little, he's cold Hearted and dull. He is known as King of Perfect. No can defeated him so he believes that he lives in the boredom world but it didn't take long when he meet her. A Girl that is Younger a little than him.

That Girl is the first Person who defeated him, the first person who encourage him, the first person who trust him, The first person that is more perfect than him, The person who makes his life Colorful. 

She is his First love.

They make promise about they're Love story.

They whe're so happy when they together but accident comes that Skyler Forgotten Her.

He forget all about her, her Face, Her Voice, Her Lips, Her Hair but the promise they made never leave his life. 

The Promise to Find Her and the Promise to Love her

A Girl that has undefeated Voice, And Undefeated Beauty

A Girl that can only made Skyler Fall inlove with

She is the Moonlight of the Sky

The light of the Sky

The Life of the Sky


This is a Love story is Created by I'm CinnderElla.