The Nerd has a Secret (GxG)

The Nerd has a Secret (GxG)

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Dylan, or Danielle, has been at the bottom of the West Brookes High food-chain since she began attending. Seemingly a shy, timid, easy-to-push-around nerd, most never looked closer than what was presented, and certainly never made an attempt to get closer.

Dylan, however, isn't exactly...normal. Daughter of the most wanted criminal in the United Kingdom as well as the niece of the kingpin in an infamous mafia organization, the nerdy facade is an attempt to cover up what lies beneath the surface, or rather, the baggy sweaters hiding the muscles, scars, and guns.

It all goes downhill when the nicest and most popular girl in their grade, Aurelie, and her friends Delilah, Henry, and Luke begin to worry about their bruised and beaten classmate, Aurelie most of all.

Will Aurelie discover what Dylan is really hiding? Will Dylan throw her off her trail, or will Aurelie come along for the dangerous ride of living in hiding? And, most importantly,

Will Aurelie stay when she finds out who Dylan really is?