Hello Baby.....

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My name is Kaityln. People think I'm a loser because of everything I am or do just because I am smart and dorky. Since elementary school people have been bullying me because of my Scottish accent and my red hair. I thought going into high school would make stuff better for me, but it didn't it just got worse. I just wish that I could find my mate so he could care and cherish for me but was I wrong.  That was the worst day of my life but I stayed strong and lived my horrible life.
    But now I'm back stronger than ever and the new teacher for English.
Yeah! I wasn't sure if it was Amy but then I saw red hair and Scottish
Oh okay haha I remember now my friend watches that show and showed me the cast
                                    I'd seen her on commercials before so that's how I knew :)
Amy Pond, from doctor who? she became really popular from the serious
Oh my god when I saw the cover I thought of Karen Gillan  haha I'm a mind reader
Yay!  Finally a werewolf book that has my fellow Scots in it XD
Lol I never got bullied for my Scottish accent but when I moved to Nigeria for school people refused to talk to me because they couldn't understand me. And I mean students and teachers.