Wolf Boy (BoyxBoy)(slash)

Wolf Boy (BoyxBoy)(slash)

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Titania-Queen of the fairies By moonlightwolves Completed

Julian is the soon to be alpha of the Midnight pack. Noah is the unfortunate punching bag of the Moonblood pack. The run down pack that is asking for the help of the Midnight pack. Beaten 
beyond comprehension and starved for most of life, Noah has no trust or love for any one or thing. Can Julian change that?

by the way this is an original story, all rights reserved!!!!

Sequal is out!!!!! Midnight's Boy, check it out!!!!

(Editing, doesn't need a lot though so is still readable)

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smilirose smilirose Sep 17
but having glasses and oily skin is so freaking annoying you don't understand
If my brother kissed me on the cheek, I'd punch him in the face.
The thing about siblings. It's like a rivalry between you and the older sibling. Then the younger you just don't like. (Idk that's just me)
RASb3rry RASb3rry Nov 15
I’m the group that’s not quite outcasts just doesn’t fit in 
                              Like I call everyone I pass by in the halls friend and so on
AndreiSeg AndreiSeg Nov 26
You know what the worst thing about fitting into every group is? Everyone's your friend, but they have someone they would rather talk to. When it comes to picking partners, all you friends go to they're better friends.
Ah yes. Southern terms😂😂 (kidding) but my family says this.