Wolf Boy (BoyxBoy)(slash)

Wolf Boy (BoyxBoy)(slash)

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Titania-Queen of the fairies By moonlightwolves Completed

Julian is the soon to be alpha of the Midnight pack. Noah is the unfortunate punching bag of the Moonblood pack. The run down pack that is asking for the help of the Midnight pack. Beaten 
beyond comprehension and starved for most of life, Noah has no trust or love for any one or thing. Can Julian change that?

by the way this is an original story, all rights reserved!!!!

Sequal is out!!!!! Midnight's Boy, check it out!!!!

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A_Million_True_Pairs A_Million_True_Pairs Oct 23, 2016
But don't speak in the war room or you might have to face your father to an agni-kai the be banished and become obsessed with honor. HONOR!!!!
I hate school too. I only come because the law says I have to. I already know all this stuff I'm just waiting for you to learn it too
*cough* *hums Mario theme, Zelda theme, and Sonic theme* *cough*
shycyote shycyote Oct 05, 2016
My school has a lot of larger cliques,  but they are mostly friendly with each other though they also overlap in spots, they just tend be how smaller friend groups form though.
Psht. Wolves are in ever clique. They're just more sophisticated about boundaries and aren't as big jerks to people outside their clique