The Daughter Of Illéa

The Daughter Of Illéa

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The day I started living was the day you walked into the room.

Cliché, Delilah Primar, the typical, awkward, and yet oblivious girl from Atlin would assume. However, when Delilah faces the challenge of a life time, cliché begins to be her reality as she confronts many battles to win the heart of Prince Augustus of Illéa.

It ranges from the merciless excuse of a step-mother to a potential happy-ending?

Your classic Cinderella love story some would think, but does Cinderella involve lies, rebels, schemes, and a stubborn selected with a fist like iron?

My point exactly. After all she is, the daughter of Illéa.


P.S. Before reading this, I'd suggest go reading the amazing story, "The Chosen" written by: @the_selectionfanfics

How could you make someone die on my birthday... i wanna cry and ive read less than 500 words
Yvanochi Yvanochi Sep 19, 2016
TuT I legit read 3 different Cinderella stories in less than a month xD
abbyhoman abbyhoman Mar 31, 2016
What is the title of the book called that tells Hero's story??
emily_v_bos emily_v_bos Mar 19, 2016
wow I just started reading and I already think this book is amazing
-hiddenstars -hiddenstars Nov 01, 2015
Every good book need a good beginning, and this is DEFINITELY a good book! ✌️
onlyhoping onlyhoping Mar 10, 2015
oh dear LAWDE! I think we all know how that works out!  *rolls eyes *