The Eternal Dreams Trilogy (Most Imaginative Setting Winner 2012)

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Christopher Compton By TheInseparableSix Updated 3 months ago
Eternal Dreams is a fiction fantasy trilogy about six teenage friends who escape into a dream world to hide from the horrors of their own lives, only to find that reality is catching up with them anyway. Drephoria, the name of the stunning dream world created from their collective minds, will test the limits of their friendship, break the balance between good and evil and prove the true values of memories and the imagination. 
    The first book in the trilogy, "The Curse of Memories," focuses on the central character Kail and his dark past, told through memories, while simultaneously introducing the rest of his friends (known as The Inseparable Six) and the other strange and deadly inhabitants of Drephoria. Pitted against the dark queen Malise and her legendary allies known as The Forgotten Four, Kail and his friends must rid their world of evil before they lose themselves forever. Nostalgic, thrilling, heart-breaking, and consistently memorable, Eternal Dreams is fantasy at its finest.
I bought the book i promise you it is a great story and to believe this was made by a young adult/teen. Very touching and worth your money.
I'm shocked at what a responsive author you are! Most authors with that many reads as you don't dare to reply (think they're too cool or something) but after seeing how kind you are to your fans, I am wrong.
                                    There is still good in the famous wattpaders after all! :)
THIS is definitely what I LOVE to read about! I have no idea how many times I must let you know-- dreams absolutely fascinate me, I tend to also write dream books.
                                    Can't wait to start reading!
@TheInseparableSix Yes I love all things about dreams I lucid dream a lot so it completely fascinates me and I haven't read a good dream story in a long time I can get lost in them so yes looking forward to reading this today.
Hooked! Fascinating! I love stories like this! Dreams are a constant subject I like to study and try to figure out so this is definitely down my interested path. Probably going to read this off and on all day now haha.
Intriguing love the point your making with this introduction.