Friendship of a Blue Jay

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Natalja By Natalja Completed
Misguided and mistunderstood Mia Smith has a bad habit of sneaking out at nights to be in nature. Once Mia and her family, execpet her beloved father move to Maine she gets caught, again. Her mother has an odd punishment; no going outside alone. When she cannot cope with this she does it again and finds a magical world were she is supposably princess. This puts a whirlwin of thoughts in young Mia's head. Well her father and mother ever be happy? Can she trust the mythical creatures who tell her she is roalty? And as both worlds began to collide she wonders, will things ever work out for ME???
I like how your story is origional. In all the years I've been on Wattpad I've yet to read a story like yours. I like it and I want to see where it's gonna go!
yo owls, its me, tell me how this is classified as fantasy please luv, i need to know :S strange q i know but pm me if you have spoilers in your explanaition. thanks