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Lucia Raven By Ace_Of_Raven Completed

#Entertainment Headline News: Jiang Nian Starts Acting Whenever Displeased#


As soon as Ming Shu opened her eyes, she was greatly frightened by that sound. She unconsciously looked at the place where the sound came from; what she saw was an antiquated scene and two men wearing ancient costumes standing in the midst of it.

Outside of the scene, several machines were filming them.


For no reason, this thought entered Ming Shu's mind.

"Sorry, director. Can I try again?" said a woman in red clothes with a delicately pretty voice. She gazed complacently at the woman she'd slapped just now.

"Again," the director called patiently.

The staff had no say in these matters. All they could do was shoot again.

Ming Shu looked around to find herself sitting and wearing the same sort of heavy costume.

She was a little confused.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

"Sister Jiang Nian, it seems they'll take a while. How about going back to rest and I'll call you when it's yo...