All That I'm Living For

6 Part Story 1.3K Reads 112 Votes
Lizzy By LadyErato Updated 2 years ago
Two years have passed since the war was won. Freya-a girl from the country side- is determined to find her long lost love. Instead she finds something shocking and sinister.
Unique idea! I love the opening! Very arresting! And I LOVE that COVER ART! Is that yours? LOVE!
I really loved reading this! you have an interesting way of writing, and i want to read more. Those creatures...and Cadell...I have to know what's going on here. Voted, and will continue to read some other time :D
I love the idea of the story so far :) And your start is impressive. Keep up the good work.
@LadyErato Wow. I'm usually not into books like this but this was really really good (: Keeep up the good work !
This is really an impressive start. I love how you insert flashbacks and create suspense in your story. It's well-written. I'm hooked now. :)
I love your single-sentence format and how there's like no paragraphys, almost as if we are seeing her thoughts simutaneously as they happen :P
                                    Your cover is stunning! Did you make it?
                                    I liked the suspense in this chapter :P