The Husband (Husband Series Book:ONE) EDITING

The Husband (Husband Series Book:ONE) EDITING

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RitzyloveSalvatore By loveuDamonSalvatore Updated Feb 09


Just one person

One life

And one love...

Life couldn't be this perfect....

But imperfection was his perfection....

What happens when you marry your own brother just to save an entire empire...

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Is he referring to his Sasha?, I came back to re-read this chapter again cause I didn’t get it the first time but I feel like I get it now
TightJewels TightJewels Sep 14, 2017
Wow this is amazing, the way you wrote this 1st page gave me chills
ScarletDays ScarletDays Feb 08, 2017
Before I begin reading I have a question. Does the story currently have all the chapters ? Since you are editing and all. I dont wanna start and then it's not completed .
happylove96 happylove96 Feb 09, 2017
I didn't understand a thing  .....who is Alex.. Princess Dominic nothing
Zuny_V Zuny_V Nov 09, 2016
I have already read this book once before but since you are editing I will read it again!! Love how you write!!! Thank you
LiliesObsessed LiliesObsessed Feb 02, 2017
Surprising that he didn't clean the lenses before putting them in his eye. Should've also checked for any lint that might get on the lens cuz it hurt so much you have no idea. Also should've dried his hands with a lint free towel.