Saving Me

Saving Me

2.4M Reads 38.9K Votes 16 Part Story
Alannah By AlannahLynne Completed

“A hidden gem in contemporary romance” ~~ Café Bibliophile 

In SAVING ME (Previously released as SAVIN’ ME), Erik Monteague has spent the past thirteen months trapped by the memories of his scorching-hot one-night stand with Kat Owens. When she takes over his advertising account, he’s more than happy to discuss positioning… but not the kind to increase his business… the kind that will put her back in his bed and in his life. While his perfectly executed seduction gets Kat back into his bed, their emotional connection rips open old wounds and Erik is forced to either face his tragic past, or spend the rest of his life running.
Advertising executive Kat Owens has one last chance to prove to her aging grandfather she can be a success. She can’t afford to be distracted by a charming, bad-boy client she knows from personal experience delivers high-voltage sex but nothing more. After succumbing to his advances and spending a weekend in Erik’s arms, she realizes there’s more to life than a successful career and she sets out to prove to him love can be good and lasting. 

But Erik’s scars run deep and love may not be enough to save him.

Each book in the Heat Wave series stands alone and can be read out of order. 

SAVING ME (Heat Wave Novel #1) (Previously released as SAVIN’ ME)
LAST CALL (Heat Wave Novel #2) 
CROSSING LINES (Heat Wave Novel #3) 
GOING ALL IN (Heat Wave Novel #4) 
MATTER OF TIME (Heat Wave Novel #5)

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demonicflamingo demonicflamingo Dec 01, 2017
I have 6 cats. Yes, they're sneaky and nasty but I love them 💗
mvanderbrook mvanderbrook Jul 05, 2017
Such a Wonderful book. You make this an easy read and I can visualize every senario. Thank you
WinterScorp92 WinterScorp92 Aug 11, 2017
Aww it's always so nice to be compared to inanimate objects *bats lashes* he really is the Shakespeare of this millenium
Lynnbeauty Lynnbeauty May 07, 2017
Please read my trump,Hitler ,and shrek love triangle story.. Because shrek is love shrek is life
WinterScorp92 WinterScorp92 Aug 11, 2017
Why do I get the feeling none of that would matter when he arrives? *wiggles eyebrows*
Imperfectgirl6 Imperfectgirl6 Oct 21, 2017
I'm hooked. Literally this is so me, Everytime my crush doing something 😂