Big Bad Softy- Braden (Grown Ups 2) Love Story

Big Bad Softy- Braden (Grown Ups 2) Love Story

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It was five o'clock on Friday morning when I stepped out of the cab in front of my house.

As a part of a high school course, I had been on a year-long trip to Spain, and now I was back home in America.

Jet lagged, I trudged up the gravel path, stopping my suitcase only to fish out my key.

Opening the door, I rolled my case inside and locked the door behind me.

I sighed, kicking off my shoes, I collapsed on the sofa and was out like a light.

Waking up, I heard whispers and muttering somewhere in front of me. I opened my eyes slightly, squinting at my Mom, Sally, my dad, Eric, my sister, Donna, and my brother, Bean.

I opened my eyes fully, grinning and was practically tackled by everyone as they leapt on the sofa, hugging me and babbling on.

"Oh my God, Kate! I made the cutest boots!" Donna exclaimed, showing off her pink boots covered in pom-poms and fairy lights.

"Very nice," I complimented, nodding.

"I can do math!" Bean declared from my lap, and I looked to see Dad shakin...

eyesofwater eyesofwater Jul 27, 2014
hey!! YUS I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!! keep up the pacifier one too!! Keep these both up!!!