Is It Wrong?

Is It Wrong?

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pigeon By MissMarvellous Updated Sep 16, 2015

But, did I like it?

Yeah, I did. I was enjoying this more than I was supposed to. And loving how he treated me and caressed my skin in a way a sister wasn't supposed to feel towards her big brother. But then again, brothers and sisters don't act like this around each other. Me and Ryan just do those thing for for fun, for messing around, for a bit of a change. What's wrong with flirting just to spice up the mood?.. nothing. Exactly! 

We simply do it because we enjoy it or at least ..I do.

That's it! I admitt it! It's true.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Alyssa Smith am proud to say that I'm incredibly, shamlessly, obsessively in love with Ryan Smith. 

My Brother.

'Is It Wrong?' I wonder.


Read the book to find out..

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bloodbella3 bloodbella3 Apr 28, 2017
Oh so when they both hit puberty they too will both end up fûcking. Okay
Hotcheetos1 Hotcheetos1 May 24, 2017
You honestly write pretty good for English not being your first language