King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain

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Ayla-Jade Scurrah By AJSCURRAH Updated May 03, 2016


Growing up werewolf in the shadow world is brutal. The schools are remote, the internet connection is shitty, and to top it all off, students have to battle each other for a social rank that determines their food rations, friends and future careers. Hormones fan the flames of madness. Enmities can last a lifetime. Death lurks in the woods... 

Expelled from her old school for a crime she didn't commit, Ivy Thatcher must leave everything behind to start a new life at Ridgeview Academy, the most prestigious werewolf finishing school in Australia. But being the new student isn't easy. The 2015 graduates have more secrets than years to them, a serial killer is picking off students one by one, and even more frightening than all of that: Ivy finds herself falling in love. 

As secrets are unearthed and schemes come to light, Ivy must decide what she stands for and who to fight beside. 

Will anyone manage to survive Year 12? 

*warning: this book contains some coarse language, violent themes and devastatingly attractive characters*

[A "Shackles" Novella] [Formerly titled "Ridgeview Werewolves"]

ArkansasDragon ArkansasDragon Feb 23, 2016
Lmao I'm pretty sure people of that faith aren't allowed to use their god's name in vain, anyway, so checkmate, kid.
wonderlust250 wonderlust250 Dec 10, 2015
I've only read a short part of this chapter and I LOVE ❤  it, YOUR story is SO MUCH BETTER than mine.. Honestly,I'm not just saying this just so you can read my story.I.MEAN.IT.
                              I AM LOVING THIS!!!!!
InfiniteMarissa InfiniteMarissa Jul 06, 2015
Lol, why is this sentence so amusing to me? But that would of sucked if she had
_annaolivia _annaolivia May 12, 2015
Again your writing style is incredible, just like in Chance! I cannot believe you don't have more reads, especially because your werewolf books have such interesting plots and characters. 
- - Nov 30, 2014
Wow! This was so great! I love your wording and your chapter lengths. That was a great chapter!
Its_Lucyyy Its_Lucyyy Aug 11, 2014
This is honestly amazing. It's so professionally written I can't actually believe it doesn't have more reads. Great chapter :-)