Nodoka and The Inevitable | ohshc

Nodoka and The Inevitable | ohshc

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☀ By sorahoney Completed

Nodoka Kitagawa's been stuck at sea for as long as she can remember. Paddling and rowing without a clue, without a home to find, she's bound to tire out and drown soon enough. 

He makes sure that she won't.

Amid the harsh waves, Kyouya Ootori finds her and helps her get back on her feet. Though this isn't to say that he made sailing a lot smoother. If anything, he made the boat topple over a million times. 

Nodoka Kitagawa realizes that it's worth it.

➸ "Written Conversations"
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➸ #310 in Fanfiction (11/04/2017)

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People_Pleaser_mom People_Pleaser_mom Apr 19, 2017
I shall listen! I stopped someone from suicide because of my hope for them and corny jokes so im pretty confident  that you can reach to me when ur down!
I... I haven’t cried in a long time... and to be honest? It feels really good... thank you <3
-Missy_Mouse- -Missy_Mouse- Nov 30, 2017
I swear I've read this but its not in my library... So confused
The description captured me. 
                              And this paragraph makes me more interested ✨—✨
Love_Is_New Love_Is_New Feb 14
Already addicted to this book not even the first chapter and I'm already crying  <3
LizzyRomeave LizzyRomeave Aug 14, 2017
I have a question. Did you get Kitagawa from Persona 5? I'm not mad if you did, I just saw the name and immediately thought of Persona 5.