[ON HOLD- back before 2020] Not A Nightmare

[ON HOLD- back before 2020] Not A Nightmare

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the water turned the frogs gay By MarieDaCorgi Updated Nov 20


Skeppy, BadBoyHalo, a6d, Dream, Technoblade and Spifey decide to take a 4 month break from their Youtuber lives and leave their homes in LA for a trip to escape the drama of their everyday lives.

"I wish this was a nightmare"

Started 9/22/2019, I decided to get over one of what has to be my biggest fears, publishing a fanfic to wattpad. 
I need a good cover, so the one right now hopefully won't be permanent.

Warnings! (contains minor spoilers)

will contain sensitive subjects such as death, suicidal thoughts, murder, cussing and marie's  dying will to live as she writes this.