King's Ransom

King's Ransom

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Marniy Jones By MarniyJones Updated Aug 27, 2015

When Princess Katyria's father surrenders the kingdom to the Uriti Empire, she is forced to travel to the Imperial court to act as hostage. As a ward of the Emperor, Katyria is expected to find a place for herself in a foreign land among hostile people who worship strange gods. Worse yet, the terms of the truce forbid her from ever returning home.

Determined to find a way to escape, Katyria throws herself into learning how to use the Empire’s greatest weapon: the ability to channel the magic of their gods.

But just as she succeeds, everything falls apart. Her dour guardian thinks she’s the prophesied savior of the Empire. The High Priestess wants her dead. And the sketchy ex-countrymen who come to her aid have a murkier agenda than simply helping their former princess break the treaty. 

With the assistance of a motley assortment of allies, Katyria must navigate the intrigue and dangerous alliances between mortals and gods to protect herself, her kingdom, and even the empire from a threat that can destroy them all.

I intend on putting out a new chapter every few weeks. Feedback is most welcome and appreciated!

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Thanks to the folks at DeviantArt for providing stock images for my cover:
Eve Livesey - for the photo of Plaza Espana Arches and the stormy sky.
Jessica Truscott for the model "Rhian"

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- - Jun 15, 2016
You've got one hell of a hook. I was like a hooked fish the second he lost his head. Solid writing, have you tried publishing? I think this can go beyond teen readers from the little I've read so far. I think you can find an audience with "Game of Thrones" fans.
TheComplexHeroine TheComplexHeroine Aug 12, 2016
I feel a Shakespearean play here going on. I don't know if it's theme or what. But this is extraordinary! Likes!!
cherishedmortal cherishedmortal Sep 08, 2015
Oh wow, what an interesting world you have sketched already! Very excited to keep reading!
MarniyJones MarniyJones Aug 19, 2015
I am very glad to contribute to restoring your faith in humanity! I hope you enjoy the story, too! :)
Notacyclepath Notacyclepath Aug 19, 2015
Thank goodness, a respite from the riff-raff of the YA section. I was starting to lose hope in humanity, but this book gave me a little bit of faith for the rest of the section. 
                              Well, at least the quality of the writing, anyway.
NicoleHumphrey NicoleHumphrey Mar 07, 2015
The prayer box is fascinating.Lots of tension in the scene as Katryia tries not to misstep.