Addicted To You

Addicted To You

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Tessie By xtessie3000x Updated 7 days ago

Ryder Prosper. That's it, that's the statement.

what else do you want to know, his hella hot, has the prettiest shade of green eyes and no one other than his close knit group of friends have quite figured him out, and to be completely and utterly honest, even they are sometimes confused by his actions.

Luna Parks : the only thing she had planned and organised was this year, and then he had to come along.

one word go: bittersweet! is what she would describe her self as. She doesn't like confrontation but you will not step over this girl as if she nothing, her dignity wont be challenged.

The story isn't exclusive to them, different perspectives, different views, different kids different types of drama.
Is Determination more powerful than Desire?

This book is much more than a simple romance, so take a leap of faith with the characters and find someone you resonate with, because I'm sure there's someone in here for you weather it be Luna, Ryder oh hey maybe you're a Chloe it doesn't matter, In this book you belong.

*dont copy plot*
First published: 2nd October  8:11 PST