The Struggle Within

The Struggle Within

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jorge_collazo By jorge_collazo Completed

Undue pressure to confront my inner demons,

Will I stand and face these horrific cretins?

Inorganic matter conjured by cranial inefficiency, 

These beastly apparitions habitually make me queasy.

Uprooting many temporary holds of my sanity,

Deep seated abominations of my own grotesque vanity.

Insidious claws beckon me to the bubonic abyss, 

A wolf in sheeps' clothing; a two faced mistress.

For beneath my carapace there dwells an eerie land,

Haphazardly I slip into necromantic sand.

  • creepy
  • cryptic
  • dark
  • illness
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  • struggle
Fox-Trot-9 Fox-Trot-9 Aug 09, 2016
Ooooh, creepy... Makes me kinda think of "The Color Out of Space" with the plague and all... Brrrrrrr... ( O_O ) *voted*
ElPoetaSwaby ElPoetaSwaby Aug 26, 2014
oh my..............................this poem just mad my brains go Boom! i love it
jorge_collazo jorge_collazo Aug 09, 2014
@AliceMorris7 Thank you, that's exactly why I wrote it, so people could relate to it and realize they are not alone, not by a long shot.
AliceMorris7 AliceMorris7 Aug 04, 2014
this is a great write love your chose of words I think many will relate battled demons inside ourselves.
jorge_collazo jorge_collazo Jul 27, 2014
@Dipper Thank you! :) I am fine by the way, I used illness as a tag because it is about mental illness, not necessarily my own though. Sometimes I wonder if I am putting off some readers with my big words and complex sentences though.
YvetteMontejanoBarro YvetteMontejanoBarro Jul 26, 2014
It seemed to spill out more then was written!
                              Great I loved it