Number 9: The Genetically Modified Werewolf

Number 9: The Genetically Modified Werewolf

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evryday_imstumblin By evryday_imstumblin Completed

[Definitely not your average Werewolf story, if you expect love at first sight - please thou shall find a different book! :D]

She was Created.   

Designed to have a body of a beast but a mind of a killer.  

Genetically modified to be the perfect Werewolf in the eyes of her Creator.   

But what He sees as flawless, others find her as a mindless savage. A Threat. A Weapon.   

Unlike every born Werewolf, she doesn't possess a wolf within her - but a Monster instead.   


She is - Number 9.

  • beast
  • blood
  • dominant
  • geneticsdna
  • hate
  • innocent
  • lost
  • love
  • mate
  • monster
  • omega
  • power
  • rogue
  • she-wolf
  • torture
  • werewolves
  • wolf
  • wolfbane
  • wolfpack
NeerdyRei NeerdyRei May 06
I dont know how many times ive read this,but im gonna start it again,haha,
Dixiobary Dixiobary Apr 08
                              April 8th 2017
                              8:33 am
                              'Mercia the great - NC
                              AYE IM SO EXITED TO READ THIS YESSSSS
Wow wow I LOVE your style and ideas, definitely different. I love it :0
MsGirlEV MsGirlEV Feb 25
Instead of "us" and "we", it should be "them" and "they" :)
                              Also in the end there's "were" but before it's "are" so they should be the same. "Were" since the majority of story is written in past tense.
bushilaoshi bushilaoshi Feb 22
Yup you were a happy little author in the beginning and got more psychotic overtime
MsGirlEV MsGirlEV Feb 25
I saw a few more errors but I'll just focus on the ones surrounding tenses. I'll try my best. I may have good English teachers but  sadly I'm still only a high school Honors student.