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Kiss Me~ Ashton Irwin

Kiss Me~ Ashton Irwin

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Ashhhh By harrysgirly123 Completed

"Ashton, could you just go?" I ask, sighing.

"Only if you kiss me." He winks.

A few gasps, and wide eyes fill the cafeteria. 

Oh, great. First day of school, and I'm already center of attention.

"What?" I ask, in disbelief.

"I know you heard me. Now choose. Either you kiss me and I leave, or I stay here." 

I look over to Nashira who still has her eyes wide. Once she notices I was looking over at her for help, she shrugs her shoulders; not knowing what to say.

I do the same to Shelby, but she does the same thing as what Nashira did; shrug her shoulders.

I look to my side, and Lori rubs her face with her hands, frustratingly. 

"Well, have you decided yet? Everyone is waiting." Ashton asks, unpatiently.

"No. I'd rather you stay, than kiss you." 
Olivia Coleman, a 17 year-old girl, commits to relationships.

Ashton Irwin, 17 year-old boy, player/ fuckboy.

What happens when Olivia Coleman meets Ashton Irwin at her new school?

What if the tables turn, and Ashton's the one drooling over one girl?

Ashton Irwin and Olivia Coleman's tables have turned, and their whole life has changed.

New school = New friendship, new relationship, new enemies, new grades, new life.


catearsandpearls catearsandpearls Oct 30, 2016
Oh me gosh I'm finally legal on watt pad  I turned 13 September 26 :)
She used be as cheerful as Anna but after moving she's stone COLD like Elsa
oxmaddy oxmaddy Jan 26
When the story is called 'Kiss Me' and your listening to Kiss me Kiss me... 🙊
stocked to the brim with nothing b&j's ice cream pints. 🍨🍦🍦🍨😋