Enemy Love

Enemy Love

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Kailey Giesler By Tedders Updated Jun 04, 2012

When there are two werewolf clans within a few miles of each other, there are bound to be problems. 

As the problems escalate, the alphas of each clan have to man, or woman, up and take the lead. But before any fighting can begin, the guys have a different plan in mind. When Quinn and Isidore's plan goes wrong, they learn secrets about the other clan that they didn't need to know and find themselves in a sticky situation.

On the other hand, the alphas of the other clan are Isis and Ileana, one of the only pairs of female alphas ever to be known. When their parents are killed by the other clan, they have a huge resentment towards them. When Ileana and Isis learn to master their powers more, they get more tied up with the guys.

Before any of them know it they are in way to deep, and with the oncoming war secrets will be revealed, hearts will be broken, and family and clan bonds will be tested. 

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Tedders Tedders Jun 20, 2010
@nicolle1496 :) Thank you. I really hope you continue to read and like it. And if so, then tell your friends. :D
nicolle1496 nicolle1496 Jun 11, 2010
call of the wolves? howling at the moon? haha i suck big time at titles!
                              i hope you continue with this 
                              its sooo cool!!!!!!
                              nicolle1496 xx