Battle Cry → Transformers

Battle Cry → Transformers

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Rosalie Stalin was just a normal seventeen year old girl living a perfectly normal life. .that is until her mother passes away, leaving her entire family at a crossroads. The Stalin's are soon forced to move down to Texas due to financial problems.

A year passes by and Rosalie and her family are struggling to survive on what little they have. All they're looking for is a miracle, and sooner or later that's what they get. Just when Rosalie thought her life couldn't get much more complicated, she finds herself stuck in the middle of the world's fourth war between the Transformers and the humans.

The fate of the world is put into the hands of Rosalie, her family, her best friend and five remaining Autobots. What Rosalie doesn't know though, is that this isn't war. .it's human extinction. Will Rosalie and the Autobots be able to put a stop to the Decepticons once and for all?

*A Transformers Bayverse fanfiction*

*My version of AOE*

*Filler story for my next story*

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Transformers or anything affiliated with Transformers. I only own my original characters and plots. All rights go to Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg and Hasbro.

quicksiIver quicksiIver Jul 19, 2016
Did you really stick with this last name??? And then name the father Joseph???
SapphireStarz17 SapphireStarz17 Nov 06, 2015
I'm not meaning to criticize or anything, but Stalin really? 
                              ( German History )
StormshockD-16 StormshockD-16 Apr 07, 2015
In Indiana our weather is bipolar as well we are still waiting for spring temperatures to stay for more than an hour
o0xXLMXx0o o0xXLMXx0o Apr 06, 2015
Also we are not all sand and rocks. It depends where you live...
o0xXLMXx0o o0xXLMXx0o Apr 06, 2015
Its actually not hot ALL the time here. The summers can be VERY hot but we like to call it Texas weather. Our wether is bi polar. It can be beautiful one day and raining the next. :P
Janetmoon14 Janetmoon14 Feb 25, 2015
what happened to optimus. what happened. don't you dare take him apart how would you feel if Megatron decided to take you apart and sell your parts ya that's what I thought