The Gangleader Wants Me

The Gangleader Wants Me

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IHateSnakes... By InMyOwnWorld123 Updated Oct 13, 2015

"Why are you wearing Adam's jacket?" Jade had her and eyebrow raised at me.I gave Jade my books. I took his jacket off.

"I was cold, and he gave it to me. I forgot I had it on." I took my books back, and put it over my arm.

"That's weird. He never give a girl any of his attention. Anything else happen?" We started walking towards our next class.

"I bumped into him on the way to math class. I never hit the floor, and he helped me get my stuff. That's about it." I looked around, and nodded. I saw girls narrowing their eyes at me.
We and Jade walked in the cafeteria. We put our stuff down at our table, and went in the line to get food.

"Today has been peaceful for the most part. Maybe this year will be different." Jade had a smile on her face because of this. She hated to see people bully me. She always wanted to step in, but she respected my wish and didn't.

"Yeah I know. At least I won't have to feel like I'm lying to my brothers when they ask about my day, and I don't tell them the whole story." We paid for our food, and we walked to our table. I sat down. I looked around for Adam. I saw him sitting down at his table with his gang.

I turn back around.

"I found him. Wish me luck." I closed my eyes for a few seconds. I got up when Jade said luck. I started walking to his table.

I could feel people watching me as I passed them.

Jasmine has two protective brothers Liam and Daniel. She doesn't like to depend on other people. She has a dad who she hardly even see, and a mother who is the only normal person in the house. When she goes to school kids bully her, but she choose not to fight back. She stay with her best friends Jade and Tom. If you wasn't of them she didn't even give you the  light of day.

Adam is a leader of a gang. He has never dated a girl a day in  his life, but he that doesn't mean girls didn't go after him. He had his mind set on one girl. The only females he cared about was the ones in his family and Jasmine.

ignite_ki19 ignite_ki19 4 days ago
What.....that was went from who r u to Oh what!?!?!
who the hell in their right mind would take a curling iron to school? i bet this girls has a god damn table in her bag too.
oh my god i thought that this 'wo Gill' was someone's name and i died.
dejjdenae dejjdenae Dec 20, 2016
When you in McDonald's line and it's 32°F the things a girl would do for food
SkyeJones6 SkyeJones6 Feb 26
I don't care if she would have told me not to I would have still stepped in fym
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WTF bish I will kindly take those. Nothing is impossible I can clean them right up.