Teen titans reader insert part 2

Teen titans reader insert part 2

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If you did not read my first story I suggest you read it because some references will be announced from my last book 

What's wrong with _____? 

Is she okay? 

Did she meet her true parents?

Is it another trick?

Is Slade involved?

Or is it just negative thoughts?

Where is Silkie?

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KimTaehyungwifeeu KimTaehyungwifeeu Jul 27, 2017
Or maybe I'm called that because I am a vegetarian. I am a vegetarian in real life
-NothingSpecialHere- -NothingSpecialHere- Mar 06, 2017
Me: OMGOMGOMG!!! *calls police* 911! There's been an emergency!!
                              911 person: State your business.
                              me: I WOULD LIKE TO REPORT A 3RD DEGREE BURN!!! HURRY AND GET SOME ICE!!! 
                              911 person:  OHHHHHHHHHH
                              Cy and BB: did we just got burned by a girl with the social status of a chicken sandwhich...? -_-
Kay270 Kay270 Oct 08, 2016
sorry tofu is horrid never give me tofu i will personally kill all of you
KitzKatzSwaggerGirl KitzKatzSwaggerGirl Apr 08, 2016
Me: *hands Cyborg and BB some ice*
                              Beast Boy and Cyborg: Whats this for?
                              Me: For that burn. PEACE OUT HOMMIES! *walks out*
nobody012345678 nobody012345678 Nov 11, 2016
Apply ice to the burned area AKA everywhere cause you just got burn deep
20sbeaty 20sbeaty May 22, 2016
Okay thats like one piece zoro and sanji's argument and fairy tail natsu an grays argument