White Noise | Doctor Who (book 2)

White Noise | Doctor Who (book 2)

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Part of the Echoes book series | book two

It's been awhile since we've last since seen Team TARDIS. And I mean awhile a lot can happen whilst travelling through time and space.

Jessica and her mother are on bad terms again, this is due to Jessica's mother leaving her AGAIN whilst they fight a Dalek. This caused a big row between them both. Making the others have to make intervention during the fight.

Jessica and Yaz got together, these two got together just after Jessica and her mother's fight. After months of teasing from Ryan, the two got their act together. 

The Doctor and Graham have became really protective of Jessica. The two make sure that Jessica has fun but is always with someone.

Dark times are ahead for new founded team TARDIS, with some new and old monsters ahead can they all stick together or is it all gonna waste.

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