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ColinMunch By ColinMunch Updated May 20

Tommy is 11 years-old, overweight, intelligent, and the new kid in small-town Rosshaven, Ontario in the mid-nineties.

Every night in Tommy's dreams, he becomes Clara--an 11 year-old girl living in 1859, learning her responsibilities as the eldest daughter in a prominent Rosshaven family.

As Tommy navigates the complexities of his parents' divorce, fitting in at a new school, and making his mark in drama class, he begins to learn how to affect his dreams. Is he really controlling Clara in the past or is this all a psychosis to avoid his real problems?

One night, while Tommy dreams in Clara's skin, the sky turns purple and her father returns home crazed and terrified with his hands horribly burned. That night, as Tommy watches helplessly, Clara's father murders her and her family. 

Is the killing of Clara's family related to the murders happening in modern-day Rosshaven? Can Tommy save both Clara in the past and himself in the present?

A new horror novel that is both gothic and modern, about growing up, losing control, and becoming who you want to be--not who you're told you are.