The New Kid

The New Kid

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K.C. Powell By AlexInChains Completed

Allen Walker just transferred into Black Order Academy, a private school for students excelling in certain fields, for his musical talents. There, he meets an attractive man by the name of Yu Kanda, a student who is well known for his athletic abilities. The two students start off in a rough patch, but when their friend, Lavi, notices Kanda listening intently to Allen's music, as he demonstrates his abilities on the violin, and actually ENJOYING it, the mischievous boy creates a plot to pull the two together. What does Lavi have in store for the two clueless teens?

Disclaimer: The cover art is not the property of the author. The artist is Uruhara from from DeviantArt. The original piece can be found at the link below.


AnimeForLife21 AnimeForLife21 a day ago
Allen, don't give into his demands just because he's taller than you!
AnimeForLife21 AnimeForLife21 a day ago
Kid would be SOOOO triggered by this, it's not even funny.........
                              Well, it really is.
FabricatedTruth FabricatedTruth Feb 17, 2016
Is this the beginning of beautiful yaoi?!?!?! I love this so far!!!!
BootyInLove BootyInLove Mar 06, 2016
Oh gee Allen's cleva and apparently is a music discovery..... I love it xD
britmich1 britmich1 Apr 26, 2016
Awww I can only play up to 1 1/2 Violin and 1/2 of a piano 🤗
ferretbandit ferretbandit Jul 30, 2016
Seriously love this. THE PURE SARCASM "what most would find cute..."