Hiccstrid in high school

Hiccstrid in high school

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Hiccup, the son of the mayor of the town of Glendale, is the most popular guy in school along with his two best friends, Jack and Flynn.

Astrid, who lives with her Uncle Finn, is just a normal girl with her two normal best friends, Rapunzel and Merida.

What happens when these 6 cross paths?

In this story, the dragons will be there but they will be small, so you can't fly on them. Like the size of a Terrible Terror.

I do not own anything. All rights to Dreamworks and Disney. Cover made with Pic Collage and images from Google.

Do you? Well I can guarantee that the name isn't just what you like!
He looked at your direction. Tell him about your undying love for him.
They ditched her oooooorrrrrrr h murdered them dun dun duuuuunnn
blackwidxw_ blackwidxw_ May 03
Love it. But how was Hiccup in front of Astrid if they were in alphabetical order? Wouldn't Astrid be at the front? And Hiccup further down the line? I'm confused
Yeah that not how it works, see we have this thing called 'social media' and everyone puts their private life on there.
jenna_skye jenna_skye Mar 24
fun fact she based this off of our friendship because I eat all her food 😂😂😂😂