Dominance and Submission (boyxboy)

Dominance and Submission (boyxboy)

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DoUbLeZone By DoUbLeZone Updated Aug 22, 2017

Fire fighter Damion Tazzo lives life on the edge; running into burning buildings, saving lives and saving the day. He knows what it means to take risks but most of all, he knows how to be discreet. 

He doesn't do emotional entanglements, not when the life he has is fraught with so much danger and uncertainty, but a chance meeting with a sweet little sub at the first gay bar he's been to in years, has him throwing all caution to the wind, and taking the little guy home with him.

He only wants sexual release, what he doesn't expect is the beautiful, trusting eyes, and the tenderness that washes over him when he wraps his new lover in his arms. Now he has to fight against emotions he'd rather do without, and thoughts of a life he has never wanted before.

He's a man who knows how to do his job, but there are only two things he can't tame, and that's his beating heart, and the fire between the sheets.

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SkitMix SkitMix Nov 16, 2017
You're saying that to an 11 year old that has know it all at 7
missrose25 missrose25 Aug 03, 2014
this is different from your other stories but I can see already that this will be an interesting read, good start!
CatMint5 CatMint5 Aug 02, 2014
I hate you so much right now! I want more of this story and I want it NOW!
                              Seriously, this is already turning into a favorite :) 
                              PS: The smiley face goes really well with the hate you part, doesn’t it?
knowkay knowkay Aug 01, 2014
heheh i was just thinking you'd be the 110% perfect author if you had a story like this and bam, here we go. I need to prepare. *deep breathing exercises*
kathyyjane kathyyjane Aug 01, 2014
I am so excited for this. I have recently been obsessed with this genre, and you are one of my favorite authors on here, so I just know I will love this story!! I can hardly wait! <3 xx
aprilmallick aprilmallick Jul 29, 2014
it's about time! I was waiting for a book like this from you. but I have to say I don't see how your books can get any better.