She Stole My Heist ( Jelsa / Big 5 / Big 6 )

She Stole My Heist ( Jelsa / Big 5 / Big 6 )

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Dunno. By melantha123 Completed

He's all over the news in Burgess. "The Snowflake Burglar" as some call him, leaves sprayed snowflakes on every crime scene under the name Jack Frost. He's the usual cocky and mysterious thief who is independent and works alone with his friend Hiccup Haddock, who is the brainy of the two. 

He stumbles across one of his crime scenes to see a platinum haired girl known as "The White Blizzard", a member of a gang known as The Nightmares. 

The Nightmares come up a request for him.
Will he join the Nightmares and what are the consequences if he denies the offer?

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GrandTheftRamen GrandTheftRamen Feb 21, 2016
I'm like •_• when Elsa gets slapped but when Elsa slaps someone I'm like :D
NeverEndingStory321 NeverEndingStory321 May 03, 2016
I read incest instead of nicest and started thinking it was THOSE kind of books
actualsatan69 actualsatan69 Aug 02, 2016
Her sisters a dangerous criminal and what does Anna do? She owns one badass chocolate shop.
_PurpleFirePanda_ _PurpleFirePanda_ Jan 20, 2016
Yes, not only is it Jane from Tarzan, but am I the only on that thought of Genie in that one song in Aladin?
LynnPines LynnPines Dec 24, 2015
Pitch seriously Elsa, out of all the guys you got forced into being Pitch's gf. Also where is Burgess, I see it in every fanfic about Jack/Elsa
Stranger_Fairytales Stranger_Fairytales Nov 22, 2015
Did you rewrite the book or did you fix spelling errors my notifications exploded