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100 Super Strange Super Powers: Uncommonly Used in Stories

100 Super Strange Super Powers: Uncommonly Used in Stories

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Note: Some of these powers may or may not be already used in some stories, television shows, or movies. I titled this book 'Uncommonly used in Stories' because they are not common in movies or other books. I never said anything about these powers NEVER being used.

Sight of the identity and or personality of others (strangers, people you wouldn't recognize otherwise. . . etc. whether obvious or not)

Micro sight (tiny)

Macro sight (huge)

Turning off the capacity to feel emotions of others and self

Defying the laws of gravity, science, nature, physics, etc.

Changing colors of objects

Projecting light

Eliminating or absorbing light

Ability to live without air, food, water, liquids, etc., etc. necessities of life otherwise

Micro hearing (high and low notes unable to be heard by humans)

Mimicking all sounds

Ability to turn objects and self into stone and back to regular form

Ability to turn off pulse at will without aid of a drug and still be alive

Unending supply of energy/ st...

So... me? I have tamed a squirrel in my back yard and same with a bird. I felt like snow white but I liked the animals
Um. This is me. I think about poking some one and a minute later their like WHO POKED ME! And I'm like Ha! It was my mind
I NEED THIS!!!!! I understand illogical things. Not logical things. If everyone was illogical I could understand them!
I want this so much, you have no idea how many times I tried summoning fictional characters.
bluestallion0462 bluestallion0462 Mar 08, 2016
Terrestrius is a name of pure genius!!!! I want to use it so bad!!!!
NotSpecified NotSpecified Apr 22, 2016
@bluestallion0462 Thank you. Use it, by all means if you like.