100 Super Strange Super Powers: Uncommonly Used in Stories (Cheryl)

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Having trouble finding a good super power for your story characters? Tired of hearing of the same old super powers? Do you need new ideas? Need inspirational hero and villain names? You have come to the right place. Read to discover just that.
Random person with this power: HEY! LOOK AT ME! I'm riding a whale!
thanks! there are so many ideas now and I can't choose between like 4 so I'm just going to make new characters and give it to them. :)
I've used a different form of this. The person could sap the energy of others or give them energy, but she couldn't raise or lower her own energy level
I always thought that being able to make doppelgängers would be awesome!
Thanks for the ideas, I was weighting a super naturals book and needed ideas
"Do you smell that, Christine?"
                                    "It's the smell of fear."
                                    "What does fear smell like?"
                                    "Sweaty armpits with no deodorant."