Animus (Book I: Beta)

Animus (Book I: Beta)

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Omni Systems, the world's largest tech company, has discovered a way to combine lucid dreaming with the experience of accessing the Internet. They select five young adults from across the globe to take part in the trial run of the revolutionary technology, Nethernet.      

A backpacker, a professional gamer, a veterinary student, a fitness instructor, and a brittle bone disease survivor; these five individuals must learn to master their fears and harness their inner strengths, which take the guise of guardian spirits called "Animus". Dubbed the Nethernauts, they will journey through the highly unpredictable environment of their collective dream to meet a mystical character known only as Atom, the God of Creation. 

Along the way, they'll encounter unicorns, dragons, orcs, goblins and a host of other fantastic beings. With each monster battle they face, they earn XP, stats and equipment, becoming powerful and hardened survivors.