My Sister's Boyfriend {AU Nouis - EDITING}

My Sister's Boyfriend {AU Nouis - EDITING}

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Louis Tomlinson has liked Harry Styles since the first time he heard that deep, husky voice. And he finally gets to go out on a date with him.. 

So why does he feel like something's missing?
Why does he wish to stare into blue eyes instead of green ones?
To hear an Irish accent instead of a English one?

Louis is immediately taken in by Niall's beauty, his laugh, his everything, but, of course, he already had to be taken. And Niall was taken by Lottie Tomlinson, also known as Louis' younger sister.

How awkward.
(With some of Larry/Narry)
{1st Place in Nouis category of 1DBromanceAwards' Summer 2013}

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All Alone in a room just the both of them nobody around not nearly a sound yet
CrazyMofoHands CrazyMofoHands Oct 22, 2017
Whenever you didn’t do your homework and the teacher is yelling.
_ohmyjoshimsodun_- _ohmyjoshimsodun_- Aug 24, 2017
Narry is my life but I think I can handle Larry for a bit. 
                              I really like Nouis too!
Yolo23452 Yolo23452 Jan 08
And here we have the rarest site, a boyfriend getting snatched right I'm front of everyone and no one notices