A Key to Happiness

A Key to Happiness

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"You know, there are two reasons why people don't talk about things; either it means nothing to them or it means everything."

It's a year after Connor Mathews hung himself in his bedroom, leaving his best friend Danielle lost and confused. The two shared everything since they were toddlers, so where were the signs? Why did Connor believe the world would be better off without him?

Even though Danielle is familiar with loss, this hits her like a bullet in the gut. Connor and Danielle were partners in crime. Together, they crashed every party and broke every standard. It was them against the world. But with Connor gone, Danielle is just a lonely outsider with a slight temper and a high probability to self-destruct. 

As if senior year wasn't overwhelming enough.

Although she wants too, Danielle can't avoid Connors older brother's desperate attempts to reconnect forever. And when she strikes up an interesting conversation with the clever Will Conway at a lousy house party, then somehow becomes unlikely friends with the bubbly girl from English class, she begins to wonder if maybe not all surprises are bad. But without the answers she needs to erase the ambiguity surrounding Connor's death, how will Danielle maintain a happy and healthy life? Is it possible to live a hopeful life even in the face of everlasting unanswerable questions?

klkloco123 klkloco123 May 03, 2015
Wow ! rumors are the new true to people : so sad people don't take the time to know you before they open their minds to untrue rumors, before they get the chances to know you, your true.
AquanxD AquanxD Mar 18, 2015
where were you guys ._. this was obvious from the dedication :(
- - Mar 13, 2015
For me it's more about hating myself and trying to forget myself but I'm a sad person so same difference, I guess. lol
Emiloo Emiloo Mar 07, 2015
How is it that we can find good in others, but we always find ourselves undeserving?
nerktwins nerktwins Dec 27, 2014
This is so great, you have so much skill. There's so much detail and I can imagine it perfectly in my mind. Keep writing :)
Beneaththelandslide Beneaththelandslide Dec 26, 2014
I can't agree with Dani, I am a brown eyes girl. 
                              Brown eyes, dark hair, naturally 'tan' (you know, that nice not-white not-dark brown). Kryptonite. 
                              Sure I've commented on this before but re-reading because I've been a terrible person and not kept up. And I intend to keep up.