Support the male leads system

Support the male leads system

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The real owner of the bookr: @Yuukianaya

[I would like to recommend that you dear readers to go and read the real book since I would just continue it instead of changing it thoroughly, I mean it wouldn't be called an 'adaption' If I change it]

Zeno had a perfect life, a totally perfect life. he had a loving family, caring friends, and great neighbors. he himself is a great child: he was kind, generous, honest, and a bit naive. he was living his life perfectly, but he felt bored; it was all the same routine, for him waking up early, eating breakfast, and heading to the college in his father's secretary car, then going back home, eating, and taking a nap, then do some homework, after that, helping people with problems, however, himself also had a problem. after turning 27 he was still single, because he was too busy to think about having a girlfriend. 

But what in the world went wrong?

you see he was confessed by someone he didn't know, he had no feelings for her, thus rejected her, and what did the girl do?

"I curse you to never have a girlfriend in the rest of your life! I hope you never have a peaceful ending!!!"

Turns out the girl was a total yandere, and a stalker, what happen next?

well he died, yup, died in a really stupid way. 

he bit his tongue too hard and accidently while eating at hoke, and knocked himself out due to the hellish pain, and his family was out on a business party. and he ended up dying due to massive blood loss. 

'Wow...I guess I'm dead now, how stupid, to bite your own tongue, then die, on top of that it was accidental, since I was reading my favourite novel while eating along it.'

<<well hello there host! it is I! your system! here to escort you to the mission hall!>>

'What?' (00)

<<I your system, is here to escort you to the mission hall!>>




<<hello host?>>



This is the continuation of the original, since you know why. 〒_〒