The King's Love ~ Book 7 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

The King's Love ~ Book 7 ~ The Royal Blood Collection

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TM Watkins By xMishx Completed

After seeing his father murdered by the king's army, Lenrith vows to make the vampire king pay for the crime. With the army invading his homeland, Lenrith's people are scattered, running for their lives. He takes his mother and siblings to the land of the vampires for safety and to kill the king of the vampires.

In vampire city, Lenrith and his family blend into the crowd, pretending to be Kronthelm. He meets Elizabeth, forming a friendship with her that makes Lenrith realize that not all vampires are bad. She helps him learn the new language by reading things that Lenrith cannot decipher.

Elizabeth is about to visit the south for a holiday and offers to take Lenrith to see the vampire king when he opens the new bypass into the badlands, unaware of his true intention. Lenrith soon learns that the human king has driven the bandits out of the badlands and might be just as responsible for his father's death. With the list of kings to kill growing, Lenrith sets his eyes on the south. All he has to do is get to there and for Elizabeth to remain unaware of his deadly plan.

He's not the only one keeping a secret. Elizabeth opens herself to Lenrith, creating a crack in his plan for the vampire king's demise. When he learns the truth, Lenrith will question what he really wants. She will be his voice of reason, guiding him to a path that will give him peace in his mind and his heart.

**Book 7 in the series. It is strongly recommended that you read the books ~ Crimson Flame, Command My Heart, Into The Wild, Protect My Love, Burning Hearts and Hunting For Love first.**

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