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Midnight Run Seeing the Vampire Prince ( On Hold??? 0_o)

Midnight Run Seeing the Vampire Prince ( On Hold??? 0_o)

44.9K Reads 552 Votes 16 Part Story
Maritza By Love_Maritza Updated Feb 27, 2011

Annabelle is the Daughter of Nick and Catherine. A week before she changes fro the First time into a wolf and finds her mate, she is kidnapped during a run by the Vampire Prince. Now how will she get out of this dilemma???

bbygirlleah bbygirlleah Feb 14, 2015
Every story is different, some shift at 16 and then another book says 18 and then another book says 17
writing_dreamer writing_dreamer Mar 20, 2011
I did read the current 15 parts but this story doesn't suit me. I don't like this story because you give away the plot within the first two chapters and the conversations need a lot of work on.
shelby8D shelby8D Oct 04, 2010
Oh! And have you read "The Scarlet Letter?" lol! The letter A is not a good thing!  In that book, she had to wear a scarlet letter A on her chest to mark her as an adulteress. Now I'm going to laugh a little every time I think about the vamp dude having the letter A on his chest:) haha
shelby8D shelby8D Oct 04, 2010
The story is interesting, I actually like it:) But you make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I think it would help you a lot to get an editor until you learn how to edit it yourself. P.S. sopposovely isn't a word. I think the word you were looking for was supposedly:) lol On to the next part!
shelby8D shelby8D Oct 04, 2010
I think it sounds interesting:) but their conversations were too unrealistic. People don't talk like that, it's too stiff. However, I'm gonna keep reading:)
Love_Maritza Love_Maritza Jun 18, 2010
@lovelessvampire lol ya :p he is ;] xD thanks for fanining! :]