The Singer Is A Nerd In Disguise

The Singer Is A Nerd In Disguise

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Isabella Snow Rose By isabellasnow Updated Jul 09, 2015

Kate heart, number 1 singer around the world, sold over two billion albums worldwide.  Had 35 sold out concerts and at only 17? For the past 4 years her life changed from beginning at the bottom to the top of the singer and song writer world in a matter of year and still on top and still going strong today. 

For the past year Kate heart was on tour around the world 

Kate loss number 1 nerd in beach high school, all ways bullied, all ways on time. Gets the bus to school every day and only has on friend Lucy. She lives close to the sea and he likes to sing just not in front of anyone. 

For the past year Kate loss was home schooled.

Two girl both have septet lives ones a pop star and the others a school nerd.

Now take the braces and glasses off Kate loss then change her hair what does she become 

Oh that's right Kate heart 

Hey names Kate heart, I'm famous around the word for my voice and song writing but i have a secret. At school I'm not Kate heart I'm Kate loss a nerd. So i basically have a secret life but the again secrets never stay secrets.

This is a story how I continued to be famous at the same time finding it harder to keep a secret identity from school.

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SmileLikeMe2002 SmileLikeMe2002 Jul 29, 2016
Question, i love the songs, can someone plz tell me who sings it?
Raining_Inspiration Raining_Inspiration Aug 16, 2015
This reminds me oh Hannah Montana. lol. Oh the good times *stares off into the distance longingly*
fantasylover1102 fantasylover1102 Jul 24, 2015
but i thought you didn't care of the world knowing what your secrets are