Worthless {A Dan Howell Fanfic}

Worthless {A Dan Howell Fanfic}

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dead tbh By desolatte Updated Jul 16

"Keep your head up."
"It's hard to keep your head up when your nickname's worthless."

"Maybe we can change it to beautiful." 

Caution: This story has triggering scenes and plots in it. I am not influencing you do do any of that. I love all of you. If you're not okay of the idea then you can leave right now. Ily.

suggsloves suggsloves Sep 05
OMFG in my head that voice was really high pitched and friendly when it said "may I welcome you to worthless" and I legit laughed for like 2 minutes
pieislife02 pieislife02 Jul 16
That's dark
                              I feel like I shouldn't be reading this😂😂 I mean I'm literally like "that's one loud scream lolzor" when she commuted suicide
lilcIifford lilcIifford Sep 19
im imagining brooke hyland from dance moms as brooke and chloe lukasiak as chloe
lilcIifford lilcIifford Sep 19
dail howelter? (i know thats not how its spelled but author put an a so.
Lonely_Reader122 Lonely_Reader122 2 days ago
Omg I say edumacation alot! I even got my friends to say it too
The real question is, why does Jacob only own one sweatshirt?