Muggle Born In Slytherin (Book 1)

Muggle Born In Slytherin (Book 1)

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Chandler and Grace By ChandlerandGrace Updated Sep 19

What if Hermione Granger was sorted into Slytherin? What if Hermione meets Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Theodore Nott? What if she's a witch because of Voldermort? What if the Fate of the wizarding world depended on these four?
Hermione Potter's parents are dead, and she's been living with the Potters, her adopted family - who has a very spoiled boy. Secrets are being kept from this young girl. But when she gets her Hogwarts letter, despite being thought to have been a muggle, secrets are revealed.

Now she and her adopted brother, Harry, are off on their first year of Hogwarts, where she is sorted into the house of snakes, much to her disappoinment. Hermione meets three fellow Slytherins and cannot help but dislike those obnoxious faces.

With many more secrets surrounding Hogwarts and with trying to get some studying in, Hermione hopes to unravel the mysteries.

This is Hermione's tale.