scum's plan: hug the protagonist's thigh

scum's plan: hug the protagonist's thigh

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Rurushellu By Rurushellu Updated May 06, 2020

after dying, Li Yuhan opened his eyes only to find out that he transmigrated into a villain from a novel he once read and berated harshly!

he now planned to hug the protagonist's thigh but the meddlesome system keeps bothering him and instead of thighs it seems like he instead hug something he shouldn't hug!

earn points, be the protagonist's meat shield, follow the original crappy storyline, and unlock the plotholes troublesome right? but he have to do it or else he will be tormented in pain by the protagonist.

"who says that being in the right path means you're good and being on the wrong path means you're evil?"

"you're really hard to understand shizun"

"be with me shizun"


this is an original story. 

picture from Pinterest i only edited them 😂