The City of Starlight

The City of Starlight

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rowansberry By rowansberry Updated Jun 20

Astra. The City of Starlight. The City of Eternal Night. It goes by many names, and it and its inhabitants are mysterious to all. Few know the truth:

It is a city inhabited by witches and warlocks; illusionists, elementals and enchanters. Magic governs everything and keeps the city in a state of permanent twilight. It's idillic, free and without conflict, like a dream. 

Ayla is a young illusionist with ambitions to study her craft in depth at Astra's university and follow in her parents' footsteps a member of its council. However, when councillors begin being mysteriously assassinated, Ayla takes it onto herself to investigate, along with a mysterious outsider who is more than he lets on. 

As their investigation continues, secrets begin to be revealed and the underbelly of the city comes to light. The beauty of Astra becomes tainted, and Ayla begins to realise her city isn't as magical as it seems.