Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time

Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time

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Class 1-A thinks it'd be a good idea to play a big game of truth or dare. Most of them are very competitive by nature, so you can only guess how extreme it gets. 

When Izuku pushes a little to far with his childhood friend, Bakugou, their classmates call it quits and they all head to bed. As Izuku makes his way to his dorm, Bakugou stops him. He says he'll do it, because he's not a 'fucking chicken', but only if Izuku agrees to continue the game...

As the game gets more heated, so do their everyday lives. Between the seemingly constant fighting and someone with dangerous feelings towards Izuku, will the two be able to get past all of that and finally be friends... or maybe more?

I let out a defeated sigh. "Fine, but you still have to compliment me ya know. That's not going to be an easy task for you." I said with a big smile. There's no way he could do. 

"Oi, shut up! I can totally do the dare, even if there isn't a whole lot of good stuff about you." He mumbled the last part. I gasped at him.

"Rude!" I exclaimed. 

"Just shut up so I can think!" He growled at me. I sighed, but complied. 

He thought in silence for a minute or two, just looking into my eyes. I was actually afraid he'd zoned out or maybe fallen asleep with his eyes open or something. Until he finally spoke. 

"Your eyes... why are they so goddamn pretty?" 


Not gonna lie, I came up with this idea while listening to panic! at the disco. 

This story will take place right after Bakugou is rescued from the villains and the class moves into dorms.