The Tabloid Princess [On Hold]

The Tabloid Princess [On Hold]

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sweetblunch By sweetblunch Updated Oct 30, 2014

Her life had been every girls dream. From the richest and most powerful family of New York. She's the toast of American society. She has the best of everything life has to offer. In fact, if America had royal family it would be them. But Alexandra Archibald hated it, since her parents’ tragic death her grandparents took good care of her, since then she'd been notorious rebel and out-of-control party-girl. That's why society dubbed her as the Tabloid Princess and her grandfather had enough of her antics. It's time for the rebellious heiress to learn her lesson.

The last thing Alexa wanted is to be send away in an elite school in England to learn the proper way on how to become a lady. What's worst, her grandfather told her that she cannot used her Archibald surname anymore to bail her out of trouble in England. From now on, she's living incognito when old granddad enroll her as an American commoner who got scholarship from the school. The plan is to fade in the background until graduation if she just didn't bump on the school prince on the first day of her class!

Now how could Alexa continue her plan if the school prince suspects that she's hiding something and would do anything to uncover every secrets she had...?

mrmarionmoseby mrmarionmoseby Jul 27, 2016
chard_chen chard_chen May 11, 2016
To nalang tuloy mu mine ,  its a nice story ilove it,,,😝😜😜😘😘😄
sophbcuz sophbcuz Jan 23, 2016
As if England is any better. Why do people think the English are any classier?
JasmineFegarido JasmineFegarido Dec 29, 2015
Another beautiful story im sooo excited to read this completed
BadWo1f BadWo1f Sep 27, 2015
No need to do that. Just try to bring your mom back to life and it will take your limbs for you!
Roar_FearMe Roar_FearMe Jun 01, 2015
This reminds me of a story here on watt pad...I just forgot the title like omfg I wanna remember