A bond with the Beast

A bond with the Beast

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Arpita By mrs_neil_malhotra Updated 6 hours ago

They say that the images are deceiving. But in my case it's my memory which has deceived me. 

Yes... My name is Devika. Well, that's what I have named myself. I don't know who am I or to where do I even belong to !

I have lost all my memory at the time when I needed it the most. 

I woke up lying in the hospital bed and instead of meeting my family or those who were waiting outside for me I ran away... 

I don't know whom I have as my family. All that I know is that I am married... Married to a man who's a beast !

Neither I have seen him nor have I known him. But then all that I know is that he's dangerous for me. 

I don't know how he looks. Is he short, 
tall, fair, dark or dusky ? Is he even handsome ?

Ahhhhhh... I don't give a damn about him as he's the one from whom I have ran away. 

Now all that I seek for is answers. What happened with me in the past ? What did I do ?

Did I cheat on him ? Did I betray him ? Did I ran away with his money ? Did I try to kill him ?

What crime did I commit that my own husband shot me on my chest and threw me off his balcony after which I landed up here ? I want to know. I want answers... 

I am bounded to a beast. How ? When ? Why ? Even I don't know...