Behind The Mask [Watty Awards 2011]

Behind The Mask [Watty Awards 2011]

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Don't know, but it starts with a letter :) By XxSpartaxX Updated May 03, 2011

He was always there. He never leaves, only when we close. He sat in the same position every day, and purchased the same meal every day. And every day, I sat at the register and watched him. 

He never talked, he never did anything. He didn't even eat his meal. 

I tried talking to him once, but he didn’t respond, which lead me to think that he was mute. 

I didn’t know his name or how old he was, but I guessed he was about twenty. Maybe he was younger, but no older. I liked to call him Spencer, and that’s what everyone at work called him. 
The world seemed to move around him, but in his world, time just didn’t move.

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NoMe12 NoMe12 Apr 18, 2011
very interesting. Its a mysterious start i like it and that guy spencer is weird 
Sinfael Sinfael Apr 08, 2011
Oooh, interesting! But I think you might want to hint at the plot a little bit more. Other than that, this is extremely good. Voted! 
Cielie Cielie Apr 06, 2011
I have a friend named Manny. Aside from that, I am interested in knowing why this guy is always there. So you instilled a good reaction in the first chapter. Perhaps just make the writing a bit more dynamic. It's easy to understand and simple which is good.
porshalovebby porshalovebby Apr 02, 2011
I like it so far and i like its potential! :{D <-- mwuahaha he has a msutash!
                              I like how its uniquie so far, it doesnt seem like the other stories ive read on here!
                              *voted and fanned*
ItsSima ItsSima Apr 01, 2011
really good start .. going to keep an eye on this story =) *voted*
XxSpartaxX XxSpartaxX Mar 31, 2011
                              D: I guess I missed some of the tenses X3 I tried fixing them all before I posted this. Thanks for the heads up,  I'll go fix it right now!