My Brother's Best Friend  -VS-  My Abusive Ex.

My Brother's Best Friend -VS- My Abusive Ex.

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Cassandra is a Junior in high school and from everyone else's point of view she has the perfect life. A perfect boyfriend, a perfect brother and an even more perfect over protective friend. No one realizes that her boyfriend beats her, her parents are never around, and she's in love with this friend and can't tell him because, he's her brother's best friend. When it comes time to decide will she choose the boyfriend that she's in love with but hurts her, will she choose her brother's best friend, the guy she could never go public with or will she choose neither?

PrettyLittleBlondie PrettyLittleBlondie Oct 14, 2014
Omg do you like pll, pll is like the best thing on earth ahhhh❗️❕❓❔
buttercupchick buttercupchick Sep 22, 2014
I really liked this book could you please keep updating the 2nd. I cant wait to find out what happens. Thanks
B-I-T-C-H-PLEASE B-I-T-C-H-PLEASE May 12, 2014
Why is the whole thing bold typed? I can't read it when it's all bold because it makes it harder for me to see since I have bad eye-sight and I really wanted to read this book!!!
- - Apr 06, 2013
@azinh98 ahaha, sorry if I seemed rude:P Im a bit of a stubborn person;)
BE-YOU-tiful-98 BE-YOU-tiful-98 Apr 06, 2013
@catsxoxo hmm now that u put it like that it doesn't really sound stupid
- - Apr 06, 2013
@azinh98 I don't, they could threaten to kill them if they leave, or hurt they're family, but I think Case loves him and thinks he actually means it when joe says sorry.