It's A Beautiful Day || Undertale AUs

It's A Beautiful Day || Undertale AUs

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Snow ❄️ By Snowstorm174 Updated Nov 20, 2019

It was a beautiful day, a Friday, and two writers with too much time and way too much energy plunked down Error and Blue into a new Multiverse.

Dreamswap, to be precise. As one would expect, both are rather confused, and Error is annoyed, understandably so.

Let's see how it goes from here. Feel free to leave comments and effect the story- because the fourth wall was made for breaking... or at least Hope seems to think so!

This is a crackfic, but a well written crackfic, if I do say so myself.

This is not Errorberry in any romantic way. Platonic only, guys!

Original storyline by me (Snowstorm174) and Firehedgehog.
Fully revamped for publishing, also by me.